Happiness and Friendship: Gila Rut’s Journey to 25
Sep 08, 2017


Twenty-five years! Though a quarter century is an impressive chunk of time, it’s gone by in a blink. This milestone anniversary of our flagship location (Hillcrest, San Diego) has us reminiscing about people who’ve been an integral part of our history throughout the years (including Gila Rut’s first-ever guest). We’ll be sharing their memories, perspectives, and stories. As you read about them, you’ll notice a fitting recurring theme—the relationships we’ve formed with our guests and each other, and the happiness they bring. It all hearkens back to our roots and our original intention for Gila Rut: in Hebrew, Gila means ‘happiness’ while Rut means ‘freedom or friendship.’

We’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made this journey with Gila Rut. Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or have just joined, we wouldn’t be the same without you. We’re grateful to you all. We’ve been blessed with 25 years full of happiness and friendship because of you, and look forward to the next 25.

Here’s to you—and many more years of relationships.

Read our stories here:


Deborah Van Huis
Debbie Luce
Andrea Roy
Karla Lopez-Martinez
Debbie Cheslow
Michael Soberanes
Jayne Petix
Kerri Melucci
Brittani Wood
Beth Cundari
Susan Burchett
Rob Weisgrau
Barbara Levin
Michael P. Hart-Abshire
Elida Dozal
Viviana Ley
Christine Gamalinda
Shannon McCool
Linda Long
Lisa Harris
Trevor Hey
Shabar Cobb
Nadia Provenzano
Carol Davis and Keri Davis-Duffy