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Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Debbie Luce
Sep 25, 2017

How did you get started coming to Gila Rut?
I followed Keri (the owner) from her previous salon and started coming to Gila Rut when it was under construction—it must have been 1992 or before. My husband Steve served wine out of the shampoo bowls at the grand opening!

What was your profession when you started coming to Gila Rut? And now?
I had multiple jobs. I was a Weight Watchers leader (where I met Carol, Keri’s mother and co-owner of Gila Rut). I worked at the School of Creative & Performing Arts, and I was the production stage manager for Starlight Musical Theatre. Currently, I am the production stage manager of Menopause The Musical at Harrah’s in Las Vegas.

What’s your favorite hobby?
Although the theatre is my profession, my favorite hobby is attending the theatre whenever I can. And sleep… I never can get enough of that.

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A Sneak Peek at Fall Fashion Week
Sep 18, 2017

Source: 656 Photography

Fashion lovers, rejoice: Fall Fashion Week San Diego is just around the corner. But if you (like us) don’t want to wait to find out what trends will be ruling your beauty regimen this season, then keep reading. We got a sneak peek at the Wine and Spirits Festival at Port Pavilion on the Broadway Pier, where the models will be heading down the runway for FWSD in just a few short weeks.

Source: 656 Photography

It’s no surprise that this style makes its way onto trend lists season after season: after all, there are seemingly endless iterations of it. “I always expect to see them in one way or another, because there are so many different types,” confirms our Lead Stylist Jeanette Cruz. Jeanette herself styled models for the show, choosing to subtly incorporate micro-braids into an otherwise sleek ponytail. This fall, try doing the … Read More

Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Jayne Petix
Sep 18, 2017

Jayne started her career with Gila Rut in 2004, fresh out of beauty school. At the age of 23, she started in our Assistant Program, working her way up to Master Designer. Jayne’s meticulous work has attracted guests from all over California and beyond. Watching her mature, get married, have two kids and enjoy her life and career to the fullest has been a blessing. We are thrilled to have her on our team!

What prompted you to work at Gila Rut?
I chose to work at Gila Rut Salon because it is an Aveda salon, family owned, and it offers endless education for growth. I started my career right out of school with Gila Rut, and its education program helped me get on a fast track to success. I haven’t looked back!

What was your job/career prior to working at Gila Rut?

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Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Trevor Hey
Sep 12, 2017

Trevor has been a guest at Gila Rut Salons since 2006. His relationship with his stylist Nadia has grown over the past 11 years like a true friendship. They’ve shared stories about life, love and kids. This family environment keeps him coming back, no matter where his travels take him!

How did you get started coming to Gila Rut?
I first came to Gila Rut on my girlfriend’s recommendation. I immediately loved the experience, and I’ve never had my hair cut anywhere else since then. It’s probably been 15 years now.

What was your profession when you started coming to Gila Rut? And now?
I was a prop master at the Old Globe Theatre when I began coming to Gila Rut. Now, I am a director and travel all over the world for productions. (I still only get my hair cut at Gila Rut.)

What’s your favorite hobby?
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Happiness and Friendship: Gila Rut’s Journey to 25
Sep 08, 2017


Twenty-five years! Though a quarter century is an impressive chunk of time, it’s gone by in a blink. This milestone anniversary of our flagship location (Hillcrest, San Diego) has us reminiscing about people who’ve been an integral part of our history throughout the years (including Gila Rut’s first-ever guest). We’ll be sharing their memories, perspectives, and stories. As you read about them, you’ll notice a fitting recurring theme—the relationships we’ve formed with our guests and each other, and the happiness they bring. It all hearkens back to our roots and our original intention for Gila Rut: in Hebrew, Gila means ‘happiness’ while Rut means ‘freedom or friendship.’

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