May 2011 - Gila Rut Salon May 2011 - Gila Rut Salon

May 23, 2011

Typically when one uses the term “extensions,” we usually associate this term as a means only to lengthen hair.
This is, of course true, but there are so many other options and possibilities that can be achieved.

As a hairstylist, I am always looking for new ways to update and enhance my clients’ images. Long-gone are the days that we have to wait and wait for your hair to grow out to achieve a specific, longer look!

Let’s be realistic; most of us have tried just about everything possible to change-up our hairstyles through the years. Before I was in the industry, I permed, coloured, high-lighted and changed my haircuts almost weekly! Now my main focus is maintaining and preserving my naturally healthy, shiny hair.  Although I still like to experiment with my colour and shape, I now know the best options available for creating amazing looks, but keeping hair … Read More