March 2010 - Gila Rut Salon March 2010 - Gila Rut Salon

Mar 11, 2010

New York – The city that never sleeps! My grueling Saturday schedule is over and I’m, catching the red eye to NYC! I have to admit my energy level is low and I’m wondering how I’m going to get inspired… this worry is soon put to rest, a 10 minute walk on the streets of Soho immediately gets my head buzzing and my energy is back! I am surrounded by amazing architecture, style and fashion – this is just what I needed! The Aveda academy is full of inspiration and just being there gets me excited – here’s a little taste of the photo shoot! My model, Lisa Ramos is absolutely gorgeous, she walks in and I snap her up. The hair transformation takes place.

Step 1.) Lisa’s hair is naturally very sleek and for the look I wish to create I need a lot of volume.
Before Styling
Step 2.) Prepare
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