Mar 11, 2010

New York – The city that never sleeps! My grueling Saturday schedule is over and I’m, catching the red eye to NYC! I have to admit my energy level is low and I’m wondering how I’m going to get inspired… this worry is soon put to rest, a 10 minute walk on the streets of Soho immediately gets my head buzzing and my energy is back! I am surrounded by amazing architecture, style and fashion – this is just what I needed! The Aveda academy is full of inspiration and just being there gets me excited – here’s a little taste of the photo shoot! My model, Lisa Ramos is absolutely gorgeous, she walks in and I snap her up. The hair transformation takes place.

Step 1.) Lisa’s hair is naturally very sleek and for the look I wish to create I need a lot of volume.
Before Styling
Step 2.) Prepare the hair with Aveda Damage control for thermal protection, Volumizing tonic for root lift and Confixor for hold and shine.
Step 3.) Tin foil was randomly rolled into different widths and shapes and I wrap the hair around the foil to create zig zags and coils.
Setting the hair
Step 4.) The top section I wish to create a finger waved look, I use the flat iron for this too and clip while the hair is cooling.
Step 5.) Carefully unravel the hair from the foil. My vision for Lisa is a 70’s inspired fusion of textures and volume, so I already know I’m going to be dressing the hair further by using my combs and brushes to change the set into an electrified texture.
Removing the set after it is dry
At this point we are ready to shoot, Lisa is an experienced model and immediately gets into character and does her thing! My job from here on out is easy, a few pins here and there to change the shape and the shoot is done! WOW what a day!!
Next our Spring/Summer Collection….
Until then…