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Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Michael Soberanes
Aug 29, 2017

When Michael Sobranes started his career with Gila Rut Salons in 2005, he was so shy he hardly spoke to anyone for a year. Since then, his career has soared. Michael entered the Gila Rut education program, specializing in hair cutting. Over 13 years, Michael has worked his way up from assisting, to Master Designer, Educational Director, Lead of San Diego Fashion Week and Editorial Photo Shoot Director. There is no stopping this creative genius!

What prompted you to work at Gila Rut?
The salon’s reputation. My cousin was a guest and highly recommended Gila Rut. She loved being a customer.

What was your job/career prior to working at Gila Rut?
Various jobs: warehouse manager, retail, web developer.

What defining moment brought you to be a hairdresser?
A hairdresser friend learned about my dream of being a hairdresser, so she pushed me!

How has Gila Rut changed the course of Read More

Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Debbie Cheslow
Aug 24, 2017

How did you get started coming to Gila Rut?
A friend recommended Gila Rut in 2002. What made me continue to visit over the years is the customer service and friendliness. So many salons make you feel like you’re not good enough. Everyone here is so welcoming—Gila Rut is like my second home! It’s super fun and makes me feel good. I make sure to visit at least once a month to get my “fix.”

What was your profession when you started coming to Gila Rut? And now?
Then: Helping patients get reimbursed for medical bills as a Senior Project Manager at a Contract Research Organization (CRO) Health Care consultancy. Now: Associate Director at a different organization.

What’s your favorite hobby?
Travel. My favorite place is a toss-up between Paris and Belize. I love anywhere tropical.

How has Gila Rut impacted your life or style?
The stylists at Gila Rut … Read More

Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Rob Weisgrau
Aug 22, 2017

Dr. Rob Weisgrau was Gila Rut’s very first guest on our very first day of business, which was July 14, 1992. It’s only fitting that he is first in line for our 25 Stories for 25 Years.

Rob is one of the happiest people we have ever met. He brings so much laughter, a bright energy and an amazing sense of humor to everyone he meets.

How did you get started coming to Gila Rut?
I saw an ad in the San Diego Jewish Times, I believe. Dialed the number and was greeted by a receptionist named Carol (Carol Davis, our owner). [Because the salon was brand new], I could have an appointment on any day and at any time that I wanted. If I had called five minutes earlier, I’m not sure the phone would have been in service.


What’s your favorite hobby?
My favorite hobby is life. … Read More

Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Karla Lopez-Martinez
Aug 17, 2017

What’s your relationship with Gila Rut?
Co-owner and longest standing Rution!

How has Gila Rut changed the course of your career?
It has defined my career and lifestyle! I started my career at Gila Rut Aveda Salons in 1998, as an assistant to co-founder Keri Davis-Duffy. I was blessed to be part of a company that provided a strong advanced-education program. That foundation was the start to my skill set and success. I saw many other opportunities on the horizon and set my goals to achieve them.

I’ve had the pleasure to wear many hats along the way. In addition to building a strong clientele as a colorist, I become an educational director, followed by holding leadership and mentorship positions. When our second location opened, I saw an opportunity to become an owner myself. I even enrolled in Cosmetology College with the dream of owning my own salon. My vision … Read More

Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Andrea Roy
Aug 10, 2017

Andrea Roy, or as we Rutions know her, Nooch, joined our team in 2002. She has been essential to the continued growth of our company and team. Mrs. Roy has held countless positions during her years with us: color expert, educator, manager, creative team member, mentor… and the list goes on. She’s always sharing her passion for her profession, her clients, her team, and most importantly, our company values.

Fun fact: Andrea has the best, most perfect handwriting in the world! It’s like a typewriter—if you even remember those. LOL!

What prompted you to work at Gila Rut?
Before moving from Chicago to San Diego, I read an article in an industry-focused magazine featuring Keri Davis-Duffy, the owner of Gila Rut Salon. She talked about changing the public misconception of what our industry is about. “You can be just as successful as a doctor or a lawyer if that’s where … Read More