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GILA RUT’S ‘NEW GORGEOUS’ – EXTENSIONS! August is ‘Try Hair Extensions’ Month
Jul 31, 2013

What do you mean you haven’t tried extensions yet???!!!
OK … it’s time to try on your ‘new gorgeous’ that only extensions can create for you. Let’s face it – you’ve been curious for a while … and extensions are the season’s hottest runway and everyday fashion accessory. There must be a good reason why!
Extensions are easy, fun, affordable and custom-fabulous for you at Gila Rut! Take time to finally discover the awesome style options now available to you. Just ask our team of ‘total’ hair designers whose skills and artistry naturally includes extensions as current designer hairwear.
A fabulous few or a fuller fashion treatment, extensions aren’t just about adding length anymore. Add shape and dimension to shorter hair… maximize volume and thickness anywhere for fine, thinner hair… create seamless multi-textures for status-quo straight hair … create a new sense of color couture for all hair. Fill in … Read More