September 2013 - Gila Rut Salon September 2013 - Gila Rut Salon

Gilarut Gurus see your hair through.
Sep 06, 2013


Your Natural Solution To Keep Thinning Hair Thicker!

Hey – it’s September! Time for changing up your Fall fashion image with great new clothes, shoes and hair that just doesn’t quit in those incredible magazines!

Okay…so your thinning hair is getting in your way of feeling uber-fabulous? It’s time to call on the hair fashion gurus at the Gila Rut Aveda Salons to bring your thinner hair to a naturally thicker state of mind!

It’s all about invigorating your hair and scalp. Gila Rut invites you to Invati™ (means ‘invigorate’) in September, a whole new natural world of refreshing shampoos, conditioners and scalp revitalizers from Aveda for women and men with thinning hair.

Direct-Connect To Your Hair Loss Concerns!

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