October 2016 - Gila Rut Salon October 2016 - Gila Rut Salon

Fashion Week San Diego 2016
Oct 15, 2016

We celebrate our forth year with Fashion Week San Diego. As Creative-Directors, we are challenged with providing fashion-forward thinking with hairstyles for the big runway shows. We draw inspiration, globally and locally. We take special interest by creating looks that can translate into easy wearability for our everyday client.


Each year our lead stylists, Karla Lopez-Martinez, Nadia Provenzano, and Michael Soberanes work year around in developing the looks not only for these fall shows, but for the dozen of events, tv appearances and photo shoots for FWSD.


FWSD hosted 26 talented designers from various backgrounds and styles, making it challenging to compose looks which would work with all their various designs.  We designed the looks to be best experienced from the seats of the audience, giving you something to feel and uniquely experience, like an Ansel Adams, or a Rembrandt work of art.


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