April 2010 - Gila Rut Salon April 2010 - Gila Rut Salon

Photo Shoot Preparations… exciting
Apr 09, 2010

Photo Shoot preparations!

The photo shoot is just 2 weeks away and the preparations are all coming together!

I am proud to say the team and I have completed a collection of cuts and colour that we can’t wait to share!

Our journey started with inspiration boards at the beginning of this year, followed by many hours of cutting, colouring and styling out mannequin heads…..when we were finally happy with our looks, the make up team were
on-board to start their process.

We have some gorgeous models and an amazing photographer “Gary Lions” that will make our vision real!

Gordana Gelhausen the fashion designer from Project Runway and owner of Goga by Gordana has been generous enough to allow us to use her designs to enhance our collection.

So we are finally coming to the end of the long list I created last year!

Over the next 2 weeks my … Read More