Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Shabar Cobb
Dec 15, 2017

Shabar has worked at Gila Rut Aveda Salons since 2006. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Shabar grow into a few roles during his time with us; he has been a Phone Operator, Guest Relations Manager, and now Events Coordinator and manager of our phone center team. During the day, you can listen to his lovely voice behind the phone when booking appointments. At night, you can enjoy his performance as one of the singing members of the San Diego Gay Men’s chorus!

What prompted you to work at Gila Rut?
I randomly applied to work the front desk; little did I know it would become a home to me.

What was your job/career prior to working at Gila Rut?
I was in school.

What was your defining moment that brought you to be a manager?
When I heard Keri (our owner) say, “Be now what you want to become,” I started doing things outside of what was expected of me.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?
I love to travel, host dinners at my home, and sing!

If you could do anyone’s hair, who would it be?
If I knew how it would be Sarah Michelle Gellar.

What’s your biggest claim to fame/biggest achievement?
My biggest achievements are paying off my student loan and owning a condo.

How does it make you feel celebrating 25 years with Gila Rut?
It’s crazy to me to know that Gila Rut has been around for so long and still going strong. It’s pretty cool to be a part of it.