Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Beth Cundari
Oct 16, 2017

How did you get started coming to Gila Rut?
I was lucky enough to receive a gift card from my brother and the rest is history. (I just love you guys!)

What was your profession when you started coming to Gila Rut? And now?
I worked and still work for San Diego County Credit Union. I was a Loan Officer and now I work in our Real Estate Department as a Loan Processor.

What’s your favorite hobby?
Spending time with family and friends. And traveling. (Big trips I went on: Bali, New Orleans.)

How has Gila Rut impacted your life or style?
I know I can be ready for any special occasion or vacation with just one appointment. (You are always available to me for the most part, and accommodating.)

What is your favorite part about coming to Gila Rut?
Seeing my girl Nadia and all the familiar faces I’ve gotten to know over the years. And the neck and hand massages are pretty amazing! (Hand massage works for me, since I use my hands a lot in my work for typing. etc.)

Do you have a memorable story to share?
Not really! However, I am always telling everyone how amazing Gila Rut is. The service has always been top-notch. Nadia has always guided me. (Even Michelle Brady, now gone but back with Nadia.)