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Earth Month At Gila Rut
Apr 19, 2017

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April is an exciting month for us here at Gila Rut because we are celebrating Earth Month! Every year, we partner with one local organization and one global organization in an effort to protect clean water and to be the best stewards of the Earth that we can be.

This year’s local organization is the San Diego chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, which works tirelessly to keep our beaches and coastal waters clean. We also donate to the Global Greengrants Fund, who partner with Aveda to set up clean water systems in third world countries.

As a salon family, we are fortunate to be able to work with two strong organizations that care about the environment as much as we do. If you’d like to get involved, you can stop by any of our three San Diego locations to purchase a raffle ticket, … Read More

Say hello to Glambar!
Mar 28, 2017

Few things in life are as confidence-boosting as the perfect hairstyle. But between work, family and social obligations, it’s not always possible to visit the salon and spa as often as we’d like. That’s why Gila Rut is pleased to unveil GlamBar, our convenient new destination for gorgeous blowouts. You don’t have to block out large chunk of your schedule (or your budget) to enjoy salon-fresh hair–you’ll be shampooed, styled and sent on your way, all within the time span of a lunch break. And because a good blowout lasts at least a couple days (hello, dry shampoo!), a visit to GlamBar is an affordable luxury that will lift your spirits each time you glance in a mirror or get a compliment (which will be often, we promise).

GlamBar styles include body and waves, … Read More

Fashion Week San Diego 2016
Oct 15, 2016

We celebrate our forth year with Fashion Week San Diego. As Creative-Directors, we are challenged with providing fashion-forward thinking with hairstyles for the big runway shows. We draw inspiration, globally and locally. We take special interest by creating looks that can translate into easy wearability for our everyday client.


Each year our lead stylists, Karla Lopez-Martinez, Nadia Provenzano, and Michael Soberanes work year around in developing the looks not only for these fall shows, but for the dozen of events, tv appearances and photo shoots for FWSD.


FWSD hosted 26 talented designers from various backgrounds and styles, making it challenging to compose looks which would work with all their various designs.  We designed the looks to be best experienced from the seats of the audience, giving you something to feel and uniquely experience, like an Ansel Adams, or a Rembrandt work of art.


Our two looks showcased … Read More

Aveda’s New Skin Care Line ~ Tulasara
Sep 03, 2016


“Awaken the Glow Within”


The new Aveda Tulasara Skin Care line combines advanced science with ayurvedic wisdom to give you proven results with any of your skin care needs.

Whether it’s to calm and soothe, increase radiance, or lift and firm, Tulasara can help with the ingredients being 97% naturally derived.


Tulasara is sanskrit for “moving towards balance” and that is just what you can achieve with this line.

By starting your day with the awakening ritual of dry brushing, followed by Aveda’s… Read More

The Congress Experience
Jan 15, 2016

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Ten months ago the announcement was made. Gila Rut had received the invitation of a lifetime, to present a 30 minute show at Aveda Congress 2015!

The opportunity we had been given had not been taken lightly. We knew this was a huge honor and our chance to shine in a GLOBAL ARENA. To share the stage with the leaders in our industry today! To share our story with over 3,500 Aveda professionals who had flown in from around the world!

These ten months were filled with plans and preparation. From designing the show concept to working with wardrobe and graphic designers. Photoshoots, workshops, countless hours of preparation from sketching and constructing elaborate hair sculptures and textures. Intricate make up and nail designs, every element filled with detail and commitment to the vision.

The moment had arrived, time to shine! MAIN STAGE AVEDA CONGRESS HERE WE COME!

The next 5 … Read More