Update that Image!
Apr 09, 2011

As a 46 year old Salon Owner, wife and mother of a 2.5 year old, I am always striving to look and feel great. I almost feel it is my obligation to look the part, but where do I look for an updated image? I am lucky enough to have a team of amazing make-up artists and stylists that are looking out for my best interest. About every 6 months I get a gentle (or not so gentle) nudge that it is time for an image update.

I have also found my inspiration from an outside influence. ~ Where, you ask? An un-likely source J-Lo. Yes, Jennifer Lopez. I admit it, I watch American Idol every week. Two reasons: one, I do like to watch the upcoming musical talent. Two, I LOVE to see what Jennifer will be wearing and even better, how her hair and make up will be styled. Now I know what you must be thinking, “Who can emulate J-Lo”? Well, as I said earlier, I use her for inspiration. I love to look at her make up colors and application and then modify it for this 46 year old, working mom, trying to look current

Ever since this “season” started, I have been committed to changing my hair and make up daily. Even if the changes are small. I have been adding different colors in different places, weather I apply a smoky eye, soft cheeks and a glossy lip, or a light neutral eye, heavier cheeks and dark lips, The compliments have been rolling in and I love it. Lets face it, no one can look like J-Lo, not many can afford a stylist to make sure they are “flawless”. But what we can do is, look, observe and ask ourselves…How can I take what she has done and use it for me, my style and my age? There are a few things I will NOT leave the house with out:

We all start ‘bare’ faced…look below for some beginning ideas that could get you going.

I always start with a great moisturizer…I happen to Love Love Love the Aveda Tourmaline Cream. After that absorbs I apply…

Moisture +Tint (spf 15) this gives a translucent coverage, smooths the skin while moisturizing.

Concealer~on the eyelid and below the eye is like an eraser (to all things unwanted) this is a must!

Brows~ A powder in a shade close to your hair color is perfect to brush a little in, fill in the gaps as your brows are a window to your eyes.

Eyes~us ‘peeps’ over 40, probably a good idea to stay away from the frost or sparkle (from the mouths of my ‘soft nudge’ consultants) Keep the majority of color on your lids, with a light neutral for your brow bone.

Cheeks~mellow, but a small ‘punch’ of color makes you look alive and fresh

Lips~here is the rule for your kisser, If your eyes are dark, lips should be light with a nice gloss. If your eyes are light, put some dark color on those lips, head held high and don’t look back!

Stay tuned for some more “over 40” make up tips. As I play, I will share….

Have fun with your image and step out of the box, you’ll feel great.



Daytime smokey eye, soft cheek and glossy lip