The Congress Experience
Jan 15, 2016

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Ten months ago the announcement was made. Gila Rut had received the invitation of a lifetime, to present a 30 minute show at Aveda Congress 2015!

The opportunity we had been given had not been taken lightly. We knew this was a huge honor and our chance to shine in a GLOBAL ARENA. To share the stage with the leaders in our industry today! To share our story with over 3,500 Aveda professionals who had flown in from around the world!

These ten months were filled with plans and preparation. From designing the show concept to working with wardrobe and graphic designers. Photoshoots, workshops, countless hours of preparation from sketching and constructing elaborate hair sculptures and textures. Intricate make up and nail designs, every element filled with detail and commitment to the vision.

The moment had arrived, time to shine! MAIN STAGE AVEDA CONGRESS HERE WE COME!

The next 5 days were to be filled with twists and turns. From the moment we had arrived in Minneapolis, the team were committed to the project. The passion and hard work did not falter! Model call, choreography, wardrobe, rehearsals, HAIR, HAIR, HAIR! We were the first team on set everyday and the last to leave. All of which did not go unnoticed! All of which paid off in the best possible way!

This was no ordinary hair show! The teamwork and commitment to this project showed in every single element of the show. Channing Work had designed the most amazing graphics and really brought our story to life. The five, 30ft screens demanded attention and his artistry was breathtaking! Andre Soriano and Ruby Roxanne transformed our models into characters with wardrobe design that were jaw dropping! Thank you so much!

Even now as I am writing this short account of our journey I am filled with emotion! I am so proud of our team and their commitment to our show! I am so honored to have shared this journey with amazing talented teammates! Thank you for your passion and commitment, thank you for all of your support and dedication!

Andrea, Sean Robert, Ze, Andre, Christine, Eileen, Roxy, Hallie, Bettina.. Gila Rut Aveda Congress Team 2015

Last but definitely not least, Michael Abshire-Hart, my co-creative director….. what a journey! We have literally been joined at the hip the last 10 months. MYSTIC EVOLUTION was born! We did it!!…………. What’s next?

Thank you Keri and Karla for the continued support and opportunities! We all feel very blessed to be part of the Gila Rut Family!

Until Next Time!

Lisa Harris
Creative Director
Gila Rut Aveda Salons