New York Fashion Week, Here I Come…
Aug 13, 2010


I just got back from one of my favorite places, NYC! I am happy to leave the heat & humidity, but it was all worth it, as my journey was the start of a new adventure.

What the “H” am I talking about you ask? Well I was in Hot ass, Humid ass, Manhattan to train for the ‘2010 Fall Fashion’ Week!!!!!

I can hardly hold back my excitement. I wish I had a lot of cool stuff to share with you, but the truth is what I learned would probably not appeal to you, LOL. It might even appear ugly to most people. Let’s not forget that most fashion & hair trends always start that way.

I had the opportunity to learn from Jon Reyman, an amazing stylist & veteran to Fashion week. He will be heading our team for this year’s back stage madness.

All I have to say is Holy Hairspray. Thank god for AVEDA’s new Control Force, with firm hold. This year’s Fall shows will be reaching new heights in the hair department.  At least now when your heels aren’t doing the trick for the height you want, your hair can take over.

Stayed tuned, I will be reporting back on the whole experience immediately after I come down from the high fashion week will surely leave me with.