Gila Rut Aveda’s Featured Manager
Feb 25, 2015

Meet Michael – Manager at Gila Rut


How long have you been working for Gila Rut?

In March, I will be celebrating 8 amazing years with Gila Rut! I met the owner, Keri, when I moved here in 2000. Seven years later, I phoned her and said I was coming to work for her company. I knew it would be a perfect match.

What do you love most about working in a salon?

What’s not to love? I adore the culture of our company, from the teamwork and family atmosphere, to helping the guests everyday. I get to work with so many different team members, and it’s always fun to step away from my management role and provide makeup artistry for the guests. I think that the opportunity and balance between business and creativity is my favorite part about working for Gila Rut. I have had the pleasure to work as Makeup Designer for the Gila Rut Creative Team for the last 9 years, so that is challenging and inspiring to me. And those Aveda products are pretty cool too, lol.

What would you say is your most important role as a manager at Gila Rut?

My most important role as a manager, good question! I think it would be the impact I can have on the team and guests on a daily basis. My father was a department store manager for 25 years, and so growing up, I really watched and learned a lot from him on what it means to help others and make them feel secure, engaged, and happy.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the salon?

Outside of the salon, I enjoy working with my husband on our urban farm project, hanging out with our 3 dogs, and cooking. I am also working on illustrating a children’s book with my best friend, which is almost complete.