Feeling The Pinch?
Feb 05, 2010

Feeling the Pinch?

As our economic climate continues to waver, at times we feel
the ‘pinch’ is on. Whether it is emotional, financial or physical, we
ask ourselves, ‘what’s important’? And if looking and feeling good
is one of your answers, you’re not alone. Lets face it; hair, skin and
make up are quintessential accessories. Small, inexpensive
changes make a world of difference. When we feel great, we
look better. Looking beautiful is more than just an exterior fix, it is
and internal journey.

5 Tips on looking and feeling your best: Beauty on a Budget

1. Your hair is your best accessory. Your hair-style is not a life-sentence. It is your god-given right to change it up. Look
through magazines, talk to your stylist and make one change
with your hair. Be it colour, cut or just styling it entirely
different. Make that change! This will renew and inspire a
new attitude.

2. Your skin ~ remember, great skin = great make up. You
want to enhance your beauty, not cover it up. Make sure
your skin is glowing from beneath your make up. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have great skin. A cleanse,
tone and moisturize, both in the morning and evening are
your basic ‘must do’s’. Now mix it up with a ‘treatment’
product based on your skin type. If you have sun damage,
pick up a brightening product. If you have fine lines, pick up
and anti-aging serum. No matter what your skin type or age, an eye cream is a ‘must have’, as this is the only skin on the body that doesn’t moisturize itself. Good-bye crow’s feet!

3. Your make up ~ With that new hair style you will want to
change your make up. BTW, make up was meant to be
changed. That’s why cosmetic companies change the colors
so frequently. Your make up pallet should updated with
the change in seasons and any hair colour change. Afraid of the make-up counters? Save some money by investing in a ‘lip tint’ instead of a ‘lip stick’. It not only costs less, it will provide great moisture and
SPF-15. Pucker up…

4. Your body ~ Sometimes we focus so much on our face. It is
the first thing we look at in the morning, we forget to
continue down to the rest of our body. Don’t neglect
yourself. That is where the majority of your skin lives. Treat
yourself to a exfoliating treatment in the shower…My
personal favorite is the Caribbean Therapy Scrub…This is a
sea salt and sugar scrub with amazing oils. The aroma will
melt your heart and the combination will soften your skin. This costs a fraction of any professional spa service.
You will not be disappointed with this one!

5. Your mind ~ Give yourself an emotional ‘face lift’. Take 5
minutes of your morning, create a quiet space, light a candle
and take some deep cleansing breaths. Clear your mind of
any negativity and on your exhale, let it go. On your inhale,
visualize your favorite color filling your body and spirit.
Repeat this for 5 minutes, fill your day with your desired
intention, then watch the magic happen… And this is FREE!


Owner, Master Stylist