Emerge Collection
Nov 12, 2012

Finally I get to share with you our Emerge collection! 😉

I can honestly say the work that went into this collection by all of our team was second to none! Each of us spent months sketching… designing…. presenting…. cutting…. coloring…. re-cutting…. re-coloring!

Even when we were actually on set shooting the collection I was still re- cutting! 😉

From all of this dedication “Emerge” was born! A collection inspired by “Warrior Women”, each individual haircut and color inspired to mirror strong bold helmet shapes.

I felt a brief explanation necessary for this collection because the shapes and color designs were definitely out of the box. Emerge may not be a collection that the average woman chooses to wear but Emerge can definitely be admired for it’s artistic interpretation of the MODERN WARRIOR WOMAN.

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you

Lisa Harris
Creative Director

View the Full Collection Here