Celebrating 25 Years with Gila Rut: Brittani Wood
Oct 10, 2017

Brittani Wood debuted in 2008 at an Earth Month cut-athon charity event. You never would have guessed it was her first day meeting the team. She was an organic fit! Since then, she has been through many life transitions, from juggling a busy social life to enjoying a low-key mom life. Mother to two handsome, energetic boys, 5-year-old Fox and 2-year-old Forrest, Brittani has mastered her skills as a Haircutting Specialist. Her beautiful work and fun personality are the keys to her success and her loyal clientele. It’s been a true pleasure to witness her journey.

What attracted you to work at Gila Rut?
I originally wanted to work at Gila Rut because it offers the most amazing continuing education. Little did I know, the most amazing family came with it.

What defining moment brought you to be a hairdresser/manager?
There really wasn’t one. I always wanted to be a stylist. But when I was 5 or 6 and locked my long-haired cat in my closet and cut her tail hair and all the hair that hung from her belly, I felt as though I changed her for the better. My mom was mortified.

How has Gila Rut changed the course of your career?
Gila Rut is my career. I’ll be 85 pushing my walker and working at Gila Rut!

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?
Hanging out with my babies. I also have recently taken up gardening. It’s surprisingly therapeutic.

What is the craziest thing anyone has said while in your chair?
I can’t tell you that. Lol! I’d be breaking guest-stylist confidentiality. People trust us to make them feel beautiful and keep their secrets—that trust is something I cherish. People tell me things they haven’t told their husbands or wives. It’s my job to listen, and I love it.

What was your worst hair?
There were a few times I’ve looked like Peter Pan, which I hated. But I think the absolute worst was one time I tried glue-in extensions. Oh. My. Gawd. What a horrible idea.

How often do you change your hairstyle?
Not so much anymore.

How does it feel to celebrate 25 years with Gila Rut?
I’m so excited to be a part of it. It’s been a part of my life for the past nine years. I’m so glad to be involved with a company that nurtures growth, relationships and allows our stylists to flourish every day.

How would you sum up Gila Rut celebrating 25 years in business?
So excited for the Gila family! I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my hair! Everyone from ownership to new stylists is always at the top of their game. (Congratulations.)