Whats your prediction?
Feb 23, 2010

Each season the creative artists throughout the hair industry flex their muscles and design the next collection of haircuts to be worn by the models, the fashionista’s and finally the client.

It’s always an interesting question when I’m asked “whats your prediction for the next big hair trend” …yes its true we have seen some iconic hairstyles over the decades, more recently the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Victoria Beckham! As a hairdresser I for one am ecstatic this trend is coming to an end, finally the % of posh spice requests is in single digits and hopefully we will be seeing more precision and polished looks leaving our salons!

So what is the next prediction? Obviously depending on lifestyle and location not every client will be requesting a futuristic space age cut and colour but I definitely feel a change toward a more sculpted geometric shape, this can then be tailored to the individual depending on their maintenance needs.

I love the new collections from Vidal Sassoon, Mark Hayes, international Director has taken his collection of Dada Dolls to the extreme! His dramatic interpretation of bold disconnection and precision shapes are absolutely amazing!!!

Antoinette Beenders from Aveda has also pushed the envelope with her collection of Punky goth. The translation of texture is surreal!!

These two hair masters have taken hair and made pure art!!! I love their vision and the execution is flawless!!

Will the average client request these looks?….probably not this season but we will definitely be seeing some variations!

Until next time~Lisa