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Gila Rut Aveda’s Featured Manager
Feb 25, 2015

Meet Michael – Manager at Gila Rut


How long have you been working for Gila Rut?

In March, I will be celebrating 8 amazing years with Gila Rut! I met the owner, Keri, when I moved here in 2000. Seven years later, I phoned her and said I was coming to work for her company. I knew it would be a perfect match.

What do you love most about working in a salon?

What’s not to love? I adore the culture of our company, from the teamwork and family atmosphere, to helping the guests everyday. I get to work with so many different team members, and it’s always fun to step away from my management role and provide makeup artistry for the guests. I think that the opportunity and balance between business and creativity is my favorite part about working for Gila Rut. I have had the pleasure to work … Read More

Gila Rut Aveda’s Featured Stylist~
Jan 19, 2015

Get to know Airam – Senior Designer at Otay Ranch


How long have you been working for Gila Rut?

I’ve been working at Gila Rut for almost 4 years.

What inspires you as a stylist?

What inspires me is my clients and the fact that changing their look would make an impact on their life. That is what excites me the most.

What is your favorite trend in the hair world right now?

I am loving blunt lines and clean cuts. I also love to see dramatic angles. Its all about edginess with class.

What is your favorite Aveda product and how would you use it on clients?

My favorite product is the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. I love it because every client can benefit from it. You can use it to repair any damaged hair or just as a general leave-in conditioner. I also love the Smooth Infusion … Read More