Aug 17, 2011

This weekend I had a great day changing up the look of my guest Penny.

A few weeks ago Penny had expressed that she really wanted more volume and longer hair.

It used to be that I would start sharing timelines of how long it would take to grow and what products could create more volume in the hair.

Not anymore…. I just asked, “when would you like to do this?”

With the Great Lengths Extension System we were able to achieve longer, fuller hair and a beautiful sun-kissed highlighted look in just one day!

See our transformation happen…….

Before Shots

before_01 _____before_02

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During Shots

during_01 _____during_02

during_03 _____during_04

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After Shots

after_01 _____after_02

after_03 _____after_04

after_05 _____after_06



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Runway shows and fashion magazines are showing extreme lengths in hair designs and we are surely set to follow these trends into the fall.

Until next time!