Gila Rut Aveda Featured Stylist
Jan 26, 2015

Meet Andre – Master Designer 1 at Torrey Hills


How long have you been working for Gila Rut?

I’ve been at Gila Rut for 3.5 years but I’ve been doing hair for 22 years.  I’ve worked at some great salons but Gila Rut is the best salon ever.

What inspires you as a stylist?

I’m inspired by old and new styles, the latest trends, or bringing something back in a new way. The service I absolutely love doing right now is Vomor Extensions! They are the tape in method. They are easy and fast to apply, they look so natural and come in so many colors that you can use them for volume, texture, length or even a color pop!

What is your favorite trend in the hair world right now?

I’m inspired by natural textures (sometimes made by styling tools) and I love hair that moves, its sexy and stylish.

What is your favorite Aveda product and how would you use it on clients?

I love Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep. You can spray it in wet hair for volume and heat protection or you can spray it in dry hair and blow dry just to freshen up your look.

What do you enjoy doing outside of working at the salon?

I love going to the gym and beach and I’m also a film buff and love Oscar season!

What is your favorite service to do in the salon?

I enjoy doing a cut with a deep moisture treatment. This creates stylish, shiny  hair that looks and feels great. Now that I am passionate about!

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