20 Years and Growing Strong!
Jul 29, 2012

As we celebrate our 20th year in business, I am inspired to check in with all of you!

First and foremost, I cannot believe that I am old enough to have a business that is 20 years old!  But, I do and am so proud of the work we have done over these past two decades.

My journey (with my Mom) began in 1992 with a dream to open a salon (well, the dream was mine and I coerced Mom into tagging along).  I remember living in the Hillcrest area and watching the new shopping center being built from the ground up. I knew we were supposed to be there!

We would sit across the street and observe the structure being born. All the pieces fell into place July 14, 1992. Our 1000 square ft. salon was realized. We opened with a bang – full throttle, some may say! We worked our tushies off to make this salon the best salon in client care, technical ability and world-class service.

Upon our sixth year in business, we were busting out of our skin and the space next to us became available. We jumped on it! Gila Rut Hillcrest expanded to double its size and it was great…it still is.

In 2006, another opportunity came available to us in the Eastlake area of Chula Vista…a new outdoor lifestyle mall. We partnered with Karla Lopez-Martinez, a long-time employee/educator of Gila Rut. On October 27th of that year, our second baby was opened with a forward motion that still has not stopped.

The work doubled and so have the gifts. With every new team member comes growth. To be part of this family growing and thriving has been such an honor.  We worked hard to make sure that our service has been consistent. We hit our groove with the two locations within the first year.

As the company grew, we were ready to expand again.  In December, 2011, our North County (Torrey Hills) location opened. With time, we have learned what works and what does not. To take all that knowledge and put it to the test in ‘Number Three’ has been amazing.

Twenty years later, three locations and over 70 staff members brings me to you – our guests! We could not have done any of the above were it not for you! Because of your ongoing support, love and encouragement, we have been able to continue doing what we love to do. We promise to always focus on your beauty, happiness and well-being.

I can confidently say that we have the best team in the WORLD! Their dedication, commitment and passion have allowed us to build this company to the level it is today!

The gifts just keep on coming. On July 22, 2012, we were honored to receive the NAHA ‘Salon MBA Award’ (North American Hairdressers Award, Master of Business). This prestigious award stands for sound business practices, growth and strong company culture. This was the highlight of our year. To be celebrating 20 years in business and to be awarded the highest honor in front of 3000 industry specialists was one of the highest highs!

I humbly and lovingly thank our guests, team, managers, Aveda and business partners for making all of this possible!  HERE’S TO 20 MORE…

xo Gila~

Acceptance Speech

A Walk Down Memory Lane~20 Years