Gila Rut Salons are certified Barbicide®

Below are some of the standards and procedures that Gila Rut is following.

  • All employees are individually BARBICIDE® Certified
  • An adequate amount of BARBICIDE®/CLIPPERCIDE disinfecting products will be maintained
  • Fresh BARBICIDE® product for disinfection will be mixed prior to opening each day and disposed of at the close of business
  • Manager will ensure that all non-porous implements are properly cleaned prior to disinfection
  • Manager will ensure that only cleaned and disinfected implements are used on a client and each implement must be cleaned and disinfected between uses
  • Electrical implements will be stored in a manner that the cord is not in contact with disinfected implements
  • Manager will ensure that all single use items (neck strips, disposable capes, etc.) are disposed of after a single use
  • Product from multi-use containers will only be removed with a single use spatula or properly cleaned and disinfected non-porous spatula
  • Manager ensures that every employee will perform proper hand hygiene before and after each service
  • Manager ensures that sick employees will not be allowed on the premises and that sick clients will be rescheduled to a later appointment
  • Manager supports a decision by an employee to deny service to a client exhibiting signs of sickness or infection
  • Only properly cleaned and laundered towels and linens will be used for any service
  • Manager will ensure that restrooms will have an adequate supply of liquid soap, paper towels, and toilet paper
  • Manager will ensure that PPE is available to all employees at all times
  • All work stations must be fully disinfected daily
  • Manager ensures that all Health & Public Safety Rules of the State are being followed