Hot trends, cool styling tips and inspiration galore!
Jun 16, 2017

Hello folks, and welcome to the first ever fashion blog from Gila Rut Aveda Salon. I’m super excited to talk fashion with you guys, but first let me start by introducing myself. My name is Mallorie, and I’m a haircutter at our Torrey Hills location. I’ve won Fashion Forward three years running—if you’re not familiar with our in-salon award ceremony, just know that we take style very seriously! (Fashion Forward is the most competitive category.) It should go without saying that I love to try new things with my look daily.

There’s a lot going on in fashion right now—a lot of different vibes to choose from. One of my favorite things is that people are trying different looks and being versatile. Here are a few things we have been seeing.

Graphic T-shirts

Graphic T’s are everywhere in fashion lately, even on the runway. The array of graphics includes images from cartoons, old sitcoms, musicians, bands, sports teams, old logos and (my favorite) vintage T-shirts from places people traveled to. A lot of hipsters find their graphic T’s at thrift stores and other secondhand shops. Chain stores have come out with a variety of graphic T’s as well, going so far to revive old brands like FILA and Body Glove. This also applies to the next trend …

Decade Fashion

Nineties-inspired fashion is in everywhere. (Hello, the choker?) We’re seeing bright colors—especially neon, patchwork denim, denim-on-denim, overalls, platforms, etc. But let’s not forget the ultimate comeback: mom jeans. Whether you love them or hate them, it looks like they are here to stay. They are fun to wear and dress up with different tops. You can go crop top or tucked-in graphic T. I especially love the bodysuit combo.

Bold prints

This runway trend of layered prints and print-on-print has transitioned into street fashion. This style is little more avant-garde; however, it’s fun to experiment with for special occasions or meeting up with friends. Prints vary from floral to Victorian to plaid. Layer looser pieces for a style that feels androgynous with a girly edge (thanks to the prints). We’re also seeing prints in two-piece outfits. These are super-cute for day and night time looks. I love these outfits paired with body chains.

Shoulder Show

Need I say more? Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are everywhere, and I love it! They are easy to wear casually and or out at night.

Keep an eye on Instagram, Pinterest and the streets for these styles. I draw inspiration from what I see on these social media sites and from the people around me. Until next time, peace and love!